Laura Story – A Lifetime of Migraines Finally Under Control

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

Laura_after.jpgFrom the time I was six-years-old, I suffered from severe migraines. By age 13, the migraines had become chronic. To say that my migraines were affecting my life would be an understatement. During high school, I was homebound because my migraines were so debilitating and it took me eight years to finish my four-year college degree. 

I first learned that nutrition could help my migraines in 2015 when I was hospitalized at a headache clinic. Unfortunately, my first experience with a nutritionist was not a good one, so I was continually on the lookout for a more approachable nutritionist.

I first noticed Nutritional Weight & Wellness after attending my yoga class, which was in the same building as the Lakeville office. I set up my first nutrition counseling appointment with Britni Thomas, and the rest is history.

The Power of Nutrition
After hearing about my history with migraines, Britni suggested that I eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet. Making this switch drastically, and immediately, improved my health. Things have finally started to look up. Even when I get the occasional migraine, it is easier to handle and doesn’t impact my life as much, where as in the past, I would be bed ridden waiting for the migraine to end. Additionally, eating a real-food diet has improved my sleep and defense mechanisms so I am not as susceptible to migraines in the first place.

Along with suggesting changes to my diet, Britni has also helped with suggesting supplements to improve my health. Her knowledge has been so helpful; I couldn’t imagine knowing what to choose on my own. Adding a magnesium supplement has greatly improved my digestion and constipation, as well as helped to stabilize my blood sugar.

50 Pounds Lost* & Anxiety Gone
Not only have I finally dealt with the migraines that plagued me my whole life, but I have also lost 50 pounds since changing my diet. I have been shocked at my physical ability, from doing yoga to going on hikes, nothing is limited anymore. Where I was once pre-diabetic, now the doctors don’t bat an eye when they test my blood sugar. I was able to reduce my medication for my migraines and am no longer on any anti-anxiety medication.

Everything has been better since coming to Nutritional Weight & Wellness. The people here are always very welcoming and non-judgmental. They take you as you are and work on one thing at a time. This is a great place to be a part of.

Create Your Own Success Story with Nutrition Education
Laura was able to finally get control of a lifetime of migraine headaches, plus lose weight, with the power of nutrition education and personal support. Schedule your own consultation with one of our licensed nutritionists and dieticians today and be on your way to better health!

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