3 Takeaways from 2020’s Most Popular Dishing Up Nutrition Episodes

By Nutritional Weight & Wellness Staff
December 8, 2020

DUN-phone.jpgEvery December we like to round up the top three Dishing Up Nutrition episodes of the past year. As we all know, the world changed drastically just three months into 2020 when COVID-19 began consuming our thoughts – and hasn’t stopped since. The following episodes boasted the most downloads, and they feel like a perfect trio of what we have all been facing this past year.

Today we’re thrilled to bring the many ah-ha moments and learnings from those episodes back to mind, happy reading (and listening!).

  1. Eat Your Way to Health“Joy is great; peace is wonderful. But when you're in pain, relief is everything.” You can use food to find that relief and help manage any chronic health condition. Our clients often report that after being on our real food eating plan as outlined in this episode, their cholesterol numbers go back into normal range. Their joint pain eases. Their blood pressure drops. Their blood sugar numbers improve, and their muscle aches and pains go away. The bottom line is this real food eating plan can work miracles.  
  2. Curb the Carb CravingsThis episode shared that the root cause of cravings is much more than willpower –  blood sugar is at the root of cravings. It could be as simple as having low blood sugar because you forgot to eat lunch or commonly breakfast. Listen in as two nutritionist hosts explain a surefire way to keep blood sugar balanced (it’s about what you eat in addition to when). They also outlined three more reasons their clients suffer from cravings – poor intestinal health, dehydration and lack of sleep. Avoid these common precursors to cravings with the supplements, foods and tips our nutritionist share to tackle these causes. 
  3. What to Eat to Manage Anxiety - “Proper brain nutrition creates a strong foundation from which you can create the life you want.”The Happiness Diet. In this episode, two nutritionists shared five habits to support good brain function as no one wants a life riddled with fear and anxiety. These habits are doable, today, without leaving your house (a 2020 requisite). Listen in and help yourself feel better as soon as possible (another 2020 requisite).

Thanks for listening this year when health has never been more critical. Keep listening into the new year, as every week we share how better nutrition and lifestyle habits can help you feel your best. Until then, if you have a health concern, we have you covered with a variety of topics in our Dishing Up Nutrition archives. We invite you to tune in on our website, our free Dishing Up Nutrition app, or on your favorite podcast app.

Here’s to a healthier and happier 2021!

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