Top Three Supplements to Help With Heartburn

By Jackie Cartier
November 23, 2015

heartburn.jpgBefore we recommend our top three supplements for heartburn, we have to start with food since we always look to nutrition first. With that in mind we wouldn’t suggest any supplements without first getting your body balanced by eating the Weight & Wellness Way—animal protein, good fat and carbs at every meal and snack.

Often, if clients clean up their diets, heartburn goes away on its own. After all, typical foods that give people heartburn are processed carbs loaded with sugar, flour and dairy products. Try to notice what foods give you heartburn. Is it the alcohol you drink or is it pizza (containing both gluten and dairy, two of the biggest heartburn culprits)?

So if you’ve cut out all those things and are still struggling with heartburn, we’d suggest the following supplements:


Dophilus Powder

The probiotic acidophilus is within Dophilus Powder and helps keep the lining of the stomach healthy so it doesn’t get as easily irritated. It actually helps produce a little more acid (most people don’t have enough acid, which is a common misconception) to aid with digestion.

Our nutritionists recommend taking ¼ to ½ tsp. of the powder in water (it’s tasteless) before bed and before one meal of the day (whatever meal is easiest).

Bifido Balance

For longer use, our nutritionists recommend Bifido Balance, which is comprised of a probiotic called Bifido bacteria which helps the small intestinal tract break down and digest foods better; that also means you’ll get more nutrients out of your food!

Our nutritionists recommend taking one Bifido Balance capsule twenty to thirty minutes before every meal.

L-Glutamine Powder

Support the healing of the intestinal lining with L-Glutamine Powder. It helps keep inflammation at bay making for a healthier intestinal tract, which protects you from future heartburn flare-ups.

Our nutritionists recommend taking ¼ to ½ tsp. in water at every meal.

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Jackie Cartier is Content Strategy Manager for Nutritional Weight & Wellness. She was once a client, seeking natural solutions to her achy runner knees and hormonal imbalances. From then she was hooked and eventually ended up on their team, spreading the real food message on the blog and through social media. 

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I have had full gastric bypass and no gallbladder I have been on Omeprazole for many years what would be a more natural solution
November 30, 2017 at 10:23 pm


We would highly recommend working individually with a nutritionist to help identify any food sensitivity or other diet factor that may be causing your reflux.  It will also be important to work with your physician to help you wean off your medication.  Starting a probiotic such as the Bifido Balance, 2 capsules before meals is a great start to help you begin healing.

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