Christopher's Story - Lowering Cholesterol with Real Food

christopher.jpgI’ve always tried to eat healthy and balanced, but nothing worked for me consistently. I went keto for six months and lost about 35 pounds and got my weight in check, but my cholesterol went sky high. Before going keto, my cholesterol was in the upper 200s, and it’s never been low. But after going keto it rose above 500. My doctor diagnosed me with familial hypercholesterolemia, which causes LDL (bad) cholesterol levels to be very high.

My wife has taken a few classes with Nutritional Weight & Wellness and told me to make an appointment with a nutritionist, which brought me to making an appointment with my dietitian Melanie.

Cut My Cholesterol Almost in Half

My cholesterol went from 585 to 300 in three months following Melanie’s plan! I’d love to see how low it could get with Melanie. It’s now in a range where I feel more comfortable. What we are doing is working. I had a scan to check calcium buildup in my heart and all was fine.

Melanie put me on a plan that introduced more carbs, probably twice as many compared to my keto plan. My new plan is about self-portion control instead of focusing on counting carbs and protein. I don’t feel a need to track anymore. I also keep my sugar as low as possible and eat gluten free.

Improved Energy Levels & Sleep

Following this way of eating, my energy levels are very stable. I have tons of energy to workout through the day. I never get those energy crashes anymore. Getting hangry was a big thing for me for a very long time. I had to eat every 3-4 hours or I would be the worst person you would meet. My mood in general has improved. My short-tempered fuse has gone away for the most part. I can definitely see how eating the Standard American Diet plays a part in people’s moods.

I used to drink a ton of coffee, probably 3-5 cups per day, and now I only have 1 cup of tea or a Zevia soda. I’m consume very minimal caffeine and I don’t notice any energy crashes or a need for that extra energy from caffeine. I also had years of sleep issues in the past, and I sleep like the dead now. I have almost no sleeping issues as long as I eat low sugar and take my supplements (like magnesium glycinate).

It Takes Effort But It Works

Eating the Weight & Wellness Way is work. It takes extra time to make all of your food but it is worth it. You might feel like it’s an extra chore at first, but it will pay off with the way you feel and I actually like doing it now. I enjoy cooking; I like making big batches of things so I meal prep. If you’re going to turn the grill on, make a lot of food to feed you for a week. I have my system down and know what works. I like to think of ways to make the junk food I love healthy, like a peanut butter cup protein shake. If I do feed my body the old stuff I used to eat, my body will tell me right away that it doesn’t like it through GI distress or headaches. My son is autistic and eating low sugar has been a God send for him.

The Staff Truly Listens

I like to continue to check in with Melanie every other month to touch base. She’s been absolutely wonderful. What I like about meeting with Melanie is that her suggestions aren’t set in stone. She truly listens to me and what I need. At first, it was very hard to eat the amount of food she was suggesting, so I dialed it back a bit. Everyone on the staff at Nutritional Weight & Wellness listens, they don’t just tell you what to do. They truly listen.

Create Your Own Success Story with Nutrition Education

Christopher was able to lower his cholesterol and improve sleep with the power of nutrition counseling. Sign up for an initial nutrition counseling appointment with one of our nutritionists. Appointments are available in person, via phone or zoom.

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