Maggie’s Story — I No Longer Feel Sick All The Time

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MaggieO.jpgIt all started when I got sick during flu season. I had several doctor visits where they told me that nothing was wrong, even though I had all of the symptoms of the stomach flu. I had to take time off from work, and I still didn’t have any answers about what was ailing me. My mom was very concerned about my health and told me that seeing a nutritionist would help. After watching a news video on the Nutritional Weight & Wellness website, I decided to make an appointment with Kate Crosby as a last resort.

My Diet Was Making Me Sick

Right after looking at the health survey I filled out for our appointment, Kate knew that something was wrong. I hadn’t been eating well for a long time and my body couldn’t take it anymore. Working as a paralegal, I was always busy and would snack on granola bars at my desk. I would grab something quick to eat, and it was usually junk food and not a healthy, balanced meal.

After a long commute, I’d get home from work, and I would just grab fast food or make something quick like a bag of popcorn for dinner. I did this night after night, and not until meeting with Kate did I realize that it was making me physically sick. I was also on medications for anxiety and ADD that I assumed I would always need to take; I had no idea my diet could make a difference.

Going Gluten and Dairy Free

As soon as I started on a gluten- and dairy-free diet, I noticed a huge difference. I had more energy, my attitude was better and I had less anxiety. My digestion improved, and I no longer felt sick all of the time. Kate also recommended a few supplements like Crave Control, which helps with mood and brain function, and magnesium that helped me to sleep better and get rid of my nightmares.

Goodbye Attention Deficit Meds

Since childhood, I have been on medication for my ADD, plus I took medicine for anxiety and was relying on pills instead of changing my lifestyle. My medications made me irritable and tired all the time. I thought that the side effects were just something I’d always have to live with. But after changing my diet, and adding some vitamin supplements to my routine, I have been able to get off of all those medications that were giving me horrible side effects. I don’t need my ADD medication to concentrate at work anymore. I am more confident and feel liberated knowing that by eating right, I don’t need to take the medication I had been on for my whole life.

Eating healthy has truly improved all areas of my life. I have more energy to do things, and I don’t want to nap the weekend away. Plus, it’s given me a wonderful peace of mind finally knowing what was causing me to feel sick.

Create Your Own Success Story with Nutrition Education

Maggie was able to improve her health and get off her ADD medication with the power of nutrition education and personal support. Sign up for an in-person or by phone nutrition consultation and be on your way to better health!

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