Mike’s Story - 37 Pounds Lost* & Feeling Like a Kid Again

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.


I originally agreed to do the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program with my wife to prove to her that the program was nothing more than snake oil. She is a fan of the Dishing Up Nutrition radio show and honestly, I just wanted to prove that all the information she was learning wasn’t true. Two weeks into the program, when I was seeing amazing results, I realized that I was mistaken!

Years ago, I was an Olympic-quality athlete and qualified for the U.S. hockey team. When the 1972 games were cancelled and I didn’t get picked up by a professional team, I played less and less. As the years went on, the weight crept on. My weight yo-yoed with various diets; I’d lose 100 pounds, then gain it back. Even though I was active with my job, it wasn’t enough to work off the pizza and beer I enjoyed and eventually I hit my top weight of 367 pounds. So there I was at 60 years old—feeling like an “old” 60—overweight, crabby and lazy.

Thanks to what I learned in the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program, I feel like I’m 40 again! The changes brought on by eating the Weight & Wellness Way have been phenomenal. By the end of the program, I lost 37 pounds*, and I continue to lose weight. I have more energy to actually do the things I enjoy. Over the past few years I avoided activities because I was too tired, moody and just didn’t feel good. It was common for me to get home from work and fall asleep in the chair, then go to bed. Now, I’m energized and motivated again. I can play with my granddaughter on the floor and actually keep up with her. I started doing recording engineering again (something I used to love doing) at various music venues around town which requires me to stay out late, but it’s no problem now that I have the energy. Additionally, I started fixing up an old truck that needs TLC, and I recently bought ice skates and plan to go out skating again this winter (it’s been 20 years)! I feel like a kid again!

I’ve really noticed a clearer head; my memory is better and I’m able to handle stress easier. Stringing thoughts together was hard for me in the past, but now it’s easy. In my job as a school bus driver, I’m able to remember kids’ names by their stops now. When kids are misbehaving and rude, that’s easier for me to deal with now too. In general, I’m no longer “the crabby old guy.” The school kids notice it, my kids notice it, and my granddaughter notices it too. They can all tell I’m in a much better mood. It’s nice to have the peace of mind to deal with life all day—that’s something I didn’t have before.

I’ve been really impressed with the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program. I had an amazing turn around in my health. Not only did I lose weight each week, I also gained energy, improved my mood, am clear-headed, the inflammation in my joints is down, I sleep soundly, and my eyes even work better.

I had a great life when I was younger. I didn’t want to lose that, but I did because I was overweight and feeling terrible, and it kept me from doing what I loved. Gaining the weight was a slow process, I didn’t realize that as I gained, I was losing quality of life. I was in a deep hole, but I’ve been able to poke my head out of it. I’ve recaptured my life, and it feels like an adrenaline rush. I’ll never go back to my old way of eating; this stuff works!


*Most people following the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program can expect to lose one pound or more per week, but because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

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