An Easy Way to Get More Veggies + Bonus Immunity Boost

By Shelby Olson, MS, LN
April 1, 2020

keygreens.jpgRecently a client of mine, a young mom, shared with me her goal of getting her whole family on board with eating the Weight & Wellness way, but that she was struggling to get her kiddos to eat veggies. A common dilemma! A trick she’s found is to use a scoop of the Key Greens & Fruits Berry flavor in our popular PB&J smoothie to give her kids the power of veggies in a tasty snack (and a boost of immunity from all those veggies). Not only are her kids getting a balanced and delicious snack secretly full of veggies, but she added that, “This is the first year my oldest hasn’t missed a day of school due to illness. I call it my supermom smoothie!”

Try your own supermom smoothie with the simple addition of Key Greens & Fruits, a powdered blend of real foods (veggies & fruits) with the antioxidant power of 20+ servings of fruits and greens in each scoop. Talk about a boost for your immune system – and the perfect trick for parents everywhere to get more veggies into their kiddos (and you)! You simply take a scoop of your favorite flavor (espresso and berry are my two personal favorites, but there are seven flavors in all) and add it to your smoothie, a homemade popsicle, protein bites or just in a nice big glass of water for an afternoon treat. Also, the chocolate and espresso flavors are a delicious addition to your morning cup of coffee. See a sample list of delicious recipes below!

Here’s how Key Greens & Fruits can help support your immune system:

  • Key Greens & Fruits contain phytonutrients, such as vitamin C. For instance, Vitamin C (found in veggies & fruits) “stimulates production and function of white blood cells.” Think of white blood cells as the immune system’s army, working to protect us from invading viruses and bacteria.
  • Key Greens & Fruits also supply antioxidants (veggies!). Research shows that antioxidants protect our cells and tissues from damage. So if you need more protection for your cells or are looking to build up your immune system – and who isn’t looking for both – we’d recommend adding Key Greens & Fruits to your smoothies and snacks.
  • Key Greens & Fruits also contain digestive enzymes, that support digestive health, which is important because many of the immune cells (about 80%) live in the intestinal tract.
  • Key Greens & Fruits contain probiotics, another layer of protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. Probiotics work by secreting a protective substance that helps to prevent invaders from taking hold and tells the immune system to increase activity.
  • Key Greens & Fruits are a great way to enjoy a taste of sweetness without sugar, since we know that sugar reduces our immune function by slowing down the work of our white blood cells. Normally white blood cells are like “PAC-MAN”, eating up the invading bacteria or virus before it can create problems.

Back to those tasty recipes, here’s a roundup of six delicious ways to use some of our popular flavors:

Which recipe do you want to sample first? Let us know below and enjoy your refreshing treat and knowledge that you’re treating your body right.  

PS … Your mom called and said don’t forget to eat (or in this case drink!) your veggies!




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Shelby is a licensed nutritionist at Nutritional Weight & Wellness. Shelby grew up in the kitchen, surrounded by her mother's good food and a love for feeding others. After finding out she was gluten sensitive in her early 20's and paired with the stress and anxiety of college, Shelby was motivated to learn about nutrition. After feeding her body with real foods not only did her wavering moods and low energy improve, but her hormonal acne and rashes cleared up as well. Shelby is a licensed nutritionist through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her B.S. in Kinesiology & Health, specializing in exercise science from Iowa State University. Most recently she completed her M.S. in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College.

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