17 Protein-Filled Recipes Featuring Our Updated Bestselling Protein Powder

By Nutritional Weight & Wellness Staff
September 3, 2019

proteinpowder.jpgWe’re thrilled to introduce our new and improved NutriKey Wellness Whey Protein Powder! It’s one of our bestselling products and comes in creamy vanilla and decadent chocolate flavors. Both options supply bioactive, grass-fed and rBGH-free protein and branched chain amino acids for increasing energy, metabolism and promoting lean muscle mass.

Here’s what’s new and improved about our protein powder:

  • Protein comes from grass-fed cows and is rBGH-free (hormone free). Grass-fed whey protein has higher levels of beneficial fat, including both CLA and omega 3 fatty acids, and has higher amounts of nutrients both great benefits!
  • It tastes even better than before, as a unanimous office blind taste test confirmed!
  • We eliminated the fructose after recent research linked excess fructose consumption to an increased risk of diabetes, obesity and other health conditions. Although the small amount of fructose that was in our protein powder before wouldn’t have been a concern, we still thought it best to eliminate the fructose completely, so our new powder is only sweetened by a little stevia.
  • On that note, the product no longer contains maltodextrin, carrageenan, or soy lecithin as we believe having fewer ingredients is best.
  • To get the grass-fed protein and better taste (two things we didn’t want to compromise) we had to eliminate a few of the extras, such as chromium, l-carnitine and l-glutamine. 
  • Fresh look!
  • Same price


We encourage clients who are looking to add protein to their diets, and to enhance their health and well-being, to add the Wellness Whey Protein to their daily menu. It’s really ideal for anyone wanting to maintain optimal nutrition in the midst of a busy day or after a workout, for additional nourishment and support. It’s suitable for all ages, including those who find it hard to get enough protein into their diets.

Here are 17 delicious protein-filled recipes, from bars, muffins, smoothies, popsicles, mousse and more.

Protein powder isn’t just for smoothies; get creative and let us know what recipes are your favorites! 

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Can you use it in the apple cottage cheese pancake?
September 5, 2019 at 7:13 pm


You sure can, it's the perfect time of year for that recipe. 

Bernie Cook
Thank you for the recipes. I am particularly interested in the Oatmeal Almond Balls. Could you provide a variation or two also. Protein bars really help me with my snacks between meals and I am sensitive to the ready made ones. Thanks! Bernie
September 18, 2019 at 2:38 am


I am glad you like this recipe, it's a great way to get in protein for snacks. You could try different nuts and nut butters like peanuts and peanut butter, or cashews and cashew butter. Changing the dried fruit like raisins, dried cherries, dried cranberries would be a fun way to mix it up. You could also change the flavor by using either vanilla or chocolate protein powder. We do have another protein-packed snack that you can make into bar's or roll in to balls if you prefer Chocolate Fruit Bars. Enjoy!

I am allergic to Stevia and egg and lactose intolerant. Do you have any products and your protein powder line that I could use? Thank you.
March 27, 2021 at 7:11 am


These two options should work: 


Pea Protein

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